Chaldean Oracles

We invite you to know the ancient wisdom of the Chaldeans (Assyria-Babylonia), the first great mathematicians - along with the Egyptians - in the studies of geometry and the representations of the zodiac ... They are also the first astrologers of humanity, even at the time of August Rome is called "Chaldeans" to astrologers in general.

Philosophy, astrology, sacred mathematics, deep mysticism, are amalgamated in these wonderful Zoroastrian Oracles, compiled and transcribed into Greek by Juliano el Teúrgo, and which we accompany with gloss or annotations of the Neoplatonists Plethon, Psellos and Proclus.

In spite of our super-modernity we only have approximations of the deep mysteries about the origin of the human being and his neat knowledge of the stars in antiquity, as well as the harmonies and disharmonies, unions and disunions of numbers, with which " God geometrizes, "as Plato said.

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Chaldean Oracles

We invite you to know the mysterious wisdom of the Chaldeans (Assyria-Babylon)

The first great mathematicians -alongside the Egyptians- to realize studies in geometry and zodiac representations... They were also the first astrologists of humanity, and even in the Augustinian epoch of Rome astrologists were called "Chaldeans" in general.