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Egyptian Tarot - Arcane

Arcane 1

Carta Tarot 1

Arcana 1: THE MAGICIAN, THE CONJURER or THE PRESTIDIGITATOR, in the act of creating, in the act of exercising the Great Work. The magician is standing in an attitude of exercising the power of his will at the moment of taking action, at the moment of creating. The hat on his head hides the sign of infinity (∞), completely visible in the original Egyptian tarot. This sign of the infinite —the horizontal number eight— encloses, defines and links the magnetic currents of the higher mind with the lower minds. In his left hand holds a scepter, which rises toward the sky, in order to indicate his aspirations for wisdom, science and moral strength. His right hand points to the scepter —and the sky— to explain he is prepared to master the matter, in order to aspire to the magic scepter. In front of him a table, which represents or conceals a cube —image of absolute solidity— or rather, it hides the “cubic stone” of the Egyptian tarot. On the table —which allegorizes the altar— three prestidigitator glasses face down. In other Marseille tarots are represented by a glass or a cup for dices, and in the original Egyptian tarot there is a sacred cup. It symbolizes our own cup, and may be fulfilled with human passions or with the “elixir of the wise”. In other tarots of Marseille we see a knife, which is the equivalent to the sword in the Egyptian tarot. Symbolize the willpower, the weapon of the brave who fight against error. Finally, we see one or several coins, emblem of the reward given to voluntary work. The Ibis on the original Egyptian tarot cube —which typifies surveillance— has been represented here by a small bird. Symbology The mysteries of the sacred Bull Apis. It is related to the Hebrew letter Aleph (א) (Álef), first of Hebrew Alphabet. Kabalistic Sephiroth: Kether (Kéther) Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the Unity, the Principle of Light, the Father; the world as His manifestation; the man as a living unit, complete in itself; the foundation of the reason of all acts and facts; the synthesis of everything; the initiation into the mysteries and the power to decipher and use them; the volitional power. It means what is started, what begins, what is sown. Every beginning is difficult, one has to work hard, has to sow to be able to harvest. It gives aptitude to solve the problems. It confers power to awaken and to dominate the passions in the physical world. It tends to the organization of the natural elements and to the domain of the forces in movement. It gives aptitude to acquire, dispose, model and apply. Astrology Sun in Leo. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the One, the sum of all what exists, the initiation into occult, esoteric mysteries, and the ability to penetrate and use them wisely. ● mental, it means the power of the creative will, metamorphosis and coherence. Gives talent to solve problems and dominate emotions. ● Physical, tends to the ordering of the elements of nature and the control of forces in action; and gives the ability to buy and sell, create, train and use. Applicable Maxim “Be in your deeds as you are in your thoughts.” Prediction Promises dominion of material obstacles New social relationships Happy initiatives... The confluence of faithful friends who help in the development of projects, and jealous friends who obstruct them Creative will Mysterious events in the process of formation Predictive synthesis Victory, but struggling, due to karma. The sword of willpower must be used. It also announces power. A firm willpower and confidence in yourself, guided by reason and love for Justice, will lead you to the object of your ambition, and will save you from the dangers along the way.

Arcane 2

Carta Tarot 2

Arcana 2: JUNO or THE POPE in the act of exercising her blessed priesthood. Here we have the Occult Science, symbolized by the goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter, or by The (female) Pope, in other tarots of Marseille. It represents the woman, the Mother Nature, the Divine Mother, who always opens to us the gates of Mystery. In the original Egyptian tarot, a majestic woman appears sitting between the two columns of a temple; these columns represent good and evil. The priestess is beyond good and evil... In the Tarot d'Epinal, the columns are allegorically represented by the two birds at the feet of the goddess. The tiara on her head is emblematic of the intelligence power enlightened by wisdom. With the left hand she points to earth and the right to heaven, indicating that the Divine Mother generously takes us to the Father's house, Jupiter’s house. The figure is sitting because science, with wisdom and willpower together, is immovable. Symbology The dream that creates. It is related to the Hebrew letter Bet (ב). Kabalistic Sephiroth: Chokmah (Hokmá) Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the divine substance, the plasma principle, the Mother in all her aspects: Divine, Cosmic, Natural, Physical and Personal, internal... It also represents the imagination, the hidden and manifested science, the past and the future made image in the present. It is the dual manifestation of unity. Unity, as it develops, gives origin to the receiving and producing femininity in all nature. It is the thesis posing the antithesis. By these Arcana has been modeled, has been created, the Matrix where the images take shape. It is the source that accumulates the waters of the spring. Astrology Moon in Cancer. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it represents the matrix in which the images take shape, the thesis proposing the antithesis, the source that accumulates the waters of the spring. ● mental, it is the duality, the sense of the opposites, the reason that compares, the Positive and the Negative, the masculine and the feminine, the visible and the invisible, the light and the shadow. ● physical, tends to the fusion of desires, chemical affinity, the relationship of sexes; trade, exchange, duality and duplicity. Applicable Maxim “The wind and the waves are always favors he, who knows how to navigate.” Prediction Predicts attractions and repulsions... Losses and gains Ascents and descents... Antagonisms Divisions Fights for women Inspirations favorable to the initiative... as well as the secret opposition of partners or subordinates, to lead that which has been begun to a favorable end In general, there is a positive final result. Predictive synthesis The Occult Science is favorable. It says that if man has a strong willpower, he cannot stop seeing the True Light and obey it properly. However, it is essential that you keep silent about your opinions and projects, as it has been said: “The world belongs to the silent ones”.

Arcane 3

Carta Tarot 3

Arcana 3: THE EMPRESS in the act of making manifest her great power. It symbolizes the ancient idea of ​​Mother Nature, common to all cultures… Here is represented by a distinguish woman sitting on a throne with a table aside. In the original Egyptian tarot is a cube —the cubic stone— covered with eyes, emblem of the visions of Hermes Trismegistus, the famous clairvoyant. The philosophical Mercury is totally refined. In the Egyptian tarot, her feet rest on a half moon —emblem of matter submitted to the mind— and is crowned with twelve stars, representing the twelve months and the twelve zodiacal signs... The Sun serves her as a Nimbus, symbolizing the creative power of intelligence. In the Marseille tarot, the crown has three diadems or fleurons, representing the dominion over the three worlds: Divine, Mental and Physical. In one hand she holds a scepter with a globe, the emblem of his dominant action on the whole world. In the Egyptian tarot, there is an eagle perched on the other hand, with its head turned toward her. This means the flight of the human soul that returns to its initial principle: God. When the eagle is two-headed, as we may see —pointed by the right hand of the Empress— in the symbolic table of this tarot, it also represents the alchemical combination of sulfur and the “mercury of the wise”. Symbology The living dynamism. It is related to the Hebrew letter Ghimel (ג) (Ghímel). Kabalistic Sephiroth: Binah (Biná) Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the divine nature; the organism in function; the conjunction of forces that tends towards the same goal; the Universal Matrix in her creative work; is the Word —Verbus— in function. Is the Modeler. Of course, through the Word —the vibration— everything is modeled in creation, in the Holly Nature. Astrology Jupiter in Sagittarius. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, represents the knowledge of the hidden and the manifested, the past and the future becoming a reality in the present. ● mental, it is ideation, generation and manifestation; the spiritual, the mental and the physical; creation, conservation and renewal. ● physical, inclines to the expansion, multiplication and concretion of ideas, desires and actions which express the inner life. Applicable Maxim “Your loom is weaving; fabrics for your use and fabrics you don’t need to use.” Prediction Augurs: Ideation and production Richness Increase of material goods Obstacles to overcome, and satisfactions as they overcome Full, optimal love Harmony Marriage Large families Lots of activity Predictive synthesis It means success. It is both material and spiritual production. It also means that wishing possible things is equivalent to creating them. To desire impossible things is to prepare one's own ruin.

Arcane 4

Carta Tarot 4

Arcana 4: THE EMPEROR in the very act of governing his domains. Here we see a man wearing a laurel crown —or a crowned helmet in other tarots—emblem of the conquest, which is confirmed by the cube on which he is sitting, because it is a symbol of completion of the Great Work: the cubic stone has been polished. He holds the scepter of the Magician as a sign of moral power acquired through sacred studies. His left hand, pointing down, indicates the mastery of matter, while the double headed eagle on his throne symbolizes the conquered innocence… or he, who has incarnated the Number Three, the Third Logos —as the Platonists would say— or Shiva, Isis, the Holy Spirit, or whatever name be given. His crossed legs symbolize the expansion of human mind power, within the three dimensions of Infinity: height, width and depth. Symbology The principle of materialized unity; will, authority and power. It is related to the Hebrew letter Dalet (ד) (Dálet). Kabalistic Sephiroth: Chesed (Hésed) Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents intelligible reality and tangible reality; the Absolute Principle emanating its powers… Within, there are the four concordances: Affirmation, Denial, Discussion and Solution. Astrology Uranus in Aquarius. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the constant materialization of the divine virtue within the man, the hierarchical progression in which life manifests itself. ● mental, represents the four concordances of Affirmation and Negation, Discussion and Solution in its concretion work. ● physical, tends to the realization of material things, the crystallization of effort and to obtain power. Applicable Maxim “Bless the work of your hands; and into the labor of your thought, put heart.” Prediction Augurs: Material gains Bases for higher ventures Favorable results in the invested efforts... and painful conditions in order to attain them Friends are simultaneously aid and hindrance And the luck is propitious and adverse at the same time There are realizations Results achieved, fixed and lasting Protections Predictive synthesis Command. Progress. Success. Mercy. It also means that nothing resists a firm willpower, which has as a lever in the knowledge of Truth and Justice. Fight for both Values, more than a right is a duty. Who triumphs in this fight, has simply fulfilled its mission. Whoever fails, despite their honest efforts, has also the right to immortality… as the elders said.

Arcane 5

Carta Tarot 5

Arcana 5: JUPITER in the act of imparting the grace of his ministry. In other tarots of Marseille it is THE POPE, in the act of imparting the grace of his ministry, and the High Priest is seated between the columns of the sanctuary. In the Tarot d'Epinal, we see Jupiter Tonans with seven rays in each hand. His right hand (Severity) is down, it means that our own Law —our internal Justice— can lower us into the Tartarus, and his left hand up (Mercy) can do the opposite and raise us to the Empyrean. In other tarots of Marseille is THE POPE, and he has in one hand a long cross with three crossbars, which symbolizes the penetration of creative genius through the three worlds: Divine, Mental and Physical. With the other hand he makes the classical gesture of blessing made by Christ, with three fingers up, invoking the Trinity. That gesture comes since the august times of the pharaohs’ Egypt, and the Egyptian tarots records it... Moreover, it is a very old sign of meditation and silence in the whole ancient world. The two columns signify respectively, the Law and the Freedom of our willpower, or free will; so we can obey or disobey. Likewise, they mean the Severity and the Mercy of the Hall of Maat, the Cosmic Justice Court. At the feet of the High Priest, two men are kneeling: a man in white who personifies Good and a man in black who represents Evil, both submitted to the Grand Master of the Arcana, personification of god Anubis, supreme Hierarch of the Cosmic Law in old Egypt. Symbology The mystery of the living fire that is infused and diffused. It is related to the Hebrew letter Hei (ה). Kabalistic Sephiroth: Geburah (Gheburá) Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the beginning of the divine Light, the light that vivifies, the universal religion, the initiation in the sacred rites. It is indication, demonstration, teaching, Karmic Law, philosophy, science, art. It is the Law, the rigor. Astrology Mercury in Virgo. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the Universal Law through which the Creator manifests himself to his creations, the mystical sense, the fifth essence of things, the cosmic magnetism. ● mental, represents Law and Freedom, teaching and knowledge; the domain of the passions, and the process of identification with ourselves or with the others. ● physical, tends to give direction and control to natural forces, grant freedom within the discipline and give effectiveness to organic processes and physical and mental creations. Applicable Maxim “I have heard of you by ear, but my eyes now see you and my heart now feels you.” Prediction Augurs: Liberty and restrictions New experiences Acquisition of useful teachings Loves and affairs... Voyages of ill-fated out come. Be careful, please! Auspicious friends and friends of sinister omen... Beings and things which come and go; those who come in order to leave, and those who leave in order to return Warns for: Fights Sufferings Fire Bad inspirations Annoying Predictive synthesis The Karma. Mars. War. It means that before you can tell any man if he is happy or unhappy, you must first discover what he has made of his willpower, because every man is supported in the image of his own works. Analyze the people facts, not what they say or preach.

Arcane 6

Carta Tarot 6

Arcana 6: THE LOVER or THE LOVERS in the act of choosing between two paths. In other tarots of Marseille, also THE ENAMORED. Here we see the disciple or neophyte vacillating between paths, and each one is marked by a woman. They symbolize: the one at his right the Virtue and the one at his left the Vice. Above a Genius is holding a bow whose arrow points to vice, as a warning of the punishment, which awaits those who prefers the easy path to vice, instead of the difficult —but peaceful— road to virtue. In some Marseille tarots the lover is seen turning to the right, but his hands points to left. Symbology The mystery of the operative Cause, which acts in every human being... It is related to the Hebrew letter Vav (ו). Kabalistic Sephiroth: Tiphereth (Tiféret) Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of the Word as an efficient cause, knowledge of Good and Evil, Natural Law, vice and virtue as elements of transcendental action. It is the Enamored (THE ONE IN LOVE), it is chaining and freedom, terrible struggle between love and desire… And the blessed equilibrium. Means loving union of man and woman. It is to join, to unite. It is the supreme affirmation of the Christ and the supreme denial of the demon. In the Arcana 6, you have to choose one Path or the other. Astrology Venus in Taurus. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it represents the instinctive knowledge of what is proper or improper; the Moral Law that commands the conscience and gives transcendence to our acts. ● mental, it is abstinence and gluttony, freedom and necessity, duty and right, etc., as operating forces. ● physical, tends to the determination of conduct, marriage or celibacy, abstention in the inclinations of the appetite for enjoyment without rate of enjoyment. Applicable Maxim “Oh, Lord! You give me works, but strength with them.” Prediction Augurs: Privileges and duties in the relations between the sexes or genders. Antagonism of forces Separations and divorces Possession of that which is pursuit Ardent desires which are fulfilled; some which satisfy and others, which disappoint Indecision about marriage Also warns of danger of seduction or adultery Predictive synthesis Victory. Good luck. It means that you must watch over yourself, and on top of all, do not demonstrate indecision in the crucial moments of your existence. It tells us that we should not lose our heart or bravery, because the obstacles seem to hinder, in that beautiful path to happiness. A strong Willpower will be enough to defeat them all.

Arcane 7

Carta Tarot 7

Arcana 7: THE CHARIOT in the act of evidencing its double nature. Here we have a warrior mounted on a cubic car pulled by two horses, on which four columns hold a ceiling with 9 stars. These columns symbolize the four elements, and the cubical car means that warrior's longing has been completed through his will, conquering every obstacle. The warrior wears a golden crown as a sign of the eternal light, which bright he is endowed... In one hand he holds a scepter topped with a circle (Eternity) and a triangle (Divinity), and the other hand rests at the waist, which implies triumph after struggles. He wears a breastplate on his chest, the emblem of the Force; it has a triangle representing Good Judgment, Willpower, and Action. Two horses are hooked to his car, which are at rest. The black represents the Evil, the white the Good. Both are dominated by the Magician when he emerges victorious after various tests... Symbology The mystery of the astral Light as luminous and incandescent emanation. It is related to the Hebrew letter Zayin (ז) (Záyin). Kabalistic Sephiroth: Netzach (Netzáh) Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of final cause; the spirit made form, the operative cause as the force that operates; the reason for the purpose and the power that allows it to be completed. It is struggle, battle, difficulties. The warrior must learn to use the staff and the sword; thus he will attain great victory Astrology Neptune in Pisces. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it symbolizes the ascendancy of spirit over matter; the knowledge of the 7 principles that guide creative acts; the potential existence of the 7 virtues that give efficacy to those acts. ● mental, represents the fading of doubt by the light of the intellect, the elimination of errors by the gradual possession of the truth. ● Physical, tends to inspire desires and impulses to overcome, create contrasts between inner and outer world, and determine hesitations and resolutions, the first depressing the second fortunate. Applicable Maxim “When science enters your heart and your soul has been sweetened by wisdom, ask and it will be given to you.” Prediction Augurs: Magnetic power Illuminated intellection (the union of intellect and intuition) Also justice and redress Honor and dishonor... Satisfactions and setbacks Achieve what is pursued with determination Great triumph Fame Success Predictive synthesis Triumph with wars. Fights. Atonement. Compensations. Pain. Bitterness. It means that the empire of the world belongs to those who possess the sovereignty of the mind; that is, the Light that reveals all the mysteries of Life.

Arcane 8

Carta Tarot 8

Arcana 8: THE JUSTICE in the act of knowing and sentencing with basis and rectitude. We see a distinguished woman sitting with great authority. She holds the sword in one hand and the scale in the other. She judges and punishes. In some Marseille tarots she wears a crown with a jewel or a watchful eye, the emblem of inflexibility, and she stares exactly to the front —the tip of the scale— indicating that she does not take into account the social position of the accused. The lion and the sphinx of the original Egyptian tarot, appears in some Marseille tarots hidden under the two different colors of the garment on their legs. The lion symbolizes the Force ruled by Justice and the Sphinx the eye of God, which looks at the souls of the wicked. Finally, it reminds us that the Justice of God will be the final Judge of the “justice” of men. Symbology The mystery of the Plasma Mater in whose doze blossoms the life. It is related to the Hebrew letter Het (ח). Kabalistic Sephiroth: Hod (Jod) Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of elementary existence, the distribution in equity, consciousness as a source of knowledge. It means hard tests. It is righteousness, the justice, the balanced tilt of the scale. We have to look for good, beauty, truth and virtue —as Platonists use to say— at all means. In the Arcana 8 the Initiation tests are closed. It is the Arcana of Job, the most patient patriarch. Astrology Saturn in Capricorn. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is pure reason, the absolute act, rigor and moderation, Justice as the fatal law of existence. ● mental, represents the force of law, the achievement of bliss as a consequence of moderation and right thinking. ● physical, tends to evolution and involution, attraction and repulsion, to what is pleasing and ungrateful simultaneously. Applicable Maxim “Build an altar in your heart, but do not make of your heart an altar.” Prediction Augurs: Retributions and restitutions Punishments and compensation Moral debts Contests Ruptures Separations Lawsuits Gratitude and ingratitude Compensation for services rendered wrongly, and paradoxically, lack of compensation for those that were provided with the full knowledge of the good we were doing Predictive synthesis Sufferings. Tests. Pain. It means that everything in life is a pretty strong struggle between Good and Evil; and each action has a reaction. What compels us to be more cautious in our thoughts and commitments.

Arcane 9

Carta Tarot 9

Arcana 9: THE EREMITE or THE MONK in the act of illuminating his inner world, his microcosm. An old man —symbol of wisdom— holds a lit lamp, which covers with his cloak, as a sign of discretion. He uses the staff for support while walking, symbol of the strength acquired through experience. It also symbolizes that the serpent has been lifted up on the staff, as Moses did in the wilderness (John 3:14). Symbology The mystery of the unfathomable. It is related to the Hebrew letter Tet (ט). Kabalistic Sephiroth: Jesod (Yesód) Interpretation According to ancient traditions, represents the principle of love as a pure act; the element of conservation and renewal; the protective genius; prudence; initiation into the Arcanes of higher life. It is the eremite, prudent and wise; it is solitude... We must learn to understand, we must learn to suffer to transcend suffering, and we must learn to be resigned and tolerant. Those who do not fail. Astrology Mars in Aries. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the manifestation of the divine light in human works; the absolute wisdom; the communion of thinker with his thought and the object of thought. ● mental, represents discretion, charity and knowledge; the selection between the true and the false, the liking and the dislike for what is moral or immoral, the judgment that compares and resolves. ● physical, tends to molecular development, the culmination of everything that is earlier, the decoration of the finished work and the ascension to higher dimensions. Applicable Maxim “Ascend the mountain and contemplate the Promised Land, but I do not say that you will go thither.” Prediction Augurs: Science to make discoveries, order and system to finish them, and caution to make use of them It also predicts light of reason and light of intuition; the first for that which is imminent, and the second for that which must be Force Wisdom Deserved honors But also: Auspicious associations and infamous associations Friends who help and friends who hinder Hard-earned experience Predictive synthesis Loneliness. Sufferings. It means that you must appeal to Wisdom in every circumstance of life. It also teaches to be discreet and silent in all critical circumstances.

Arcane 10

Carta Tarot 10

Arcana 10: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE in its remunerative work. Here we have the Wheel of Fate, the Wheel of Fortune spinning on its axis, the axis mundi. On the left side, we see a man with animal tail descending —the Typhoon Baphomet of the Egyptian tarot— representing the Spirit of Evil, who is about to be thrown out from the wheel, while the Spirit of Good rises. The Spirit of Good, on the other side is represented by a rabbit. In the Egyptian tarot appears the God Ke-Ptah, the “Master builder.” On the top a monkey-man armed with a sword, with a royal and crowned mantle —which disguises the winged Sphinx of the Egyptian tarot— and represents the domination of the four elements, the four gospels, or the four forces of the human nature: to know, to dare, to do and to be silent, so necessary to conquer the tilt of the scale. The monkey-man remains in perfect equilibrium, as if the constant spinning wheel of fortune had no influence on him. It symbolizes the mysterious power of God over human destiny, according to our good or bad actions. In his left hand the monkey-man holds a sword, emblem of supreme Justice. Symbology The mystery of the compensation law. It is related to the Hebrew letter Yod (י). Kabalistic Sephiroth: Malkuth (Malkút) Horary: First Hour of Apollonius: “Transcendental study of the Occult.” Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of the embodied or incarnated Word; the order and necessity of its existence; periodicity, karma, cause and effect; the wheel of life in its infinite rounds. The Arcana 10 is the “Wheel of Samsara”, the Cosmogenic “Wheel of Ezekiel”. In this wheel we find the battle of thesis and antithesis. In that wheel is contained the complete secret of the Tree of Knowledge. The Arcana 10 is the Wheel of the Centuries, is the tragic wheel which is the Law of Ancient Return… It is very logical that this law is intimately linked with the Law of Recurrence: Everything comes to pass just as it has happened before, with the addition of the good or bad consequences. Dramas repeat. This is named Karma in the Hindustan. Astrology Pluto in Scorpio. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the succession of time and circumstances as the cause of perfection; the eternal return of all things; the essence that vivifies and the matter to vivify. ● mental, it represents induction and deduction, time and interval; the generation of emotions and the regulation of passions; the projection of thought in infinite aspects… ● physical, tends to action and reaction; the application of moral to matter; the confrontation with deferred, unfulfilled duties. Applicable Maxim “Costly is the knowledge which you buy with experience, and more costly that which you still need to buy.” Prediction Augurs: Good and bad fortune... Elevations and descents The proud is humiliated and the humble elevated Legitimate possessions and dubious possessions Reconsideration of past contingencies... And circumstances which repeat in a different form It also could announce ill-fate events. Be careful, please! Predictive synthesis Good business. Changes. It means ultimately, that if we want only what is true, what is fair, what is within our reach; if we keep silent about our purposes; if, finally, we add perseverance, continuity of purpose in everything, some happy day we will find ourselves with the Key of Power.

Arcane 11

Carta Tarot 11

Arcana 11: THE FORCE in the quiet act of persuading. We see here a young maiden opening and closing —without effort— the mouth of a lion. It is an emblem of the power over oneself, acquired through the education of willpower and the experience of life. Symbology The mystery of the operating Force, the efficiency of the Laws. It is related to the Hebrew letter Kaf (כ). Horary: Second Hour of Apollonius: “The abyss of fire and the astral virtues forms a circle through dragons and fire.” The study of occult forces. The mystery of Sephiroth Daat. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the hermaphroditic principle of the cosmogonic matrix; the effort of the mind; the reflex actions; and the moral power, what is superior in man. It is to work with fire, with the strength of Love, the sublime oriental Tantrism. Persuasion itself is a force of subtle spiritual order. The Occult Wisdom says: “Arouse the flame of the spirit with the force of Love.” Persuasion has more power than violence. Astrology Aries, abode of the Sun. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the hierarchical principle of the acting forces, the action of the spirit on matter, of the imponderable on what is not. ● mental, it represents the intellect, the faculty of creating and dominating, through the determination that gives the knowledge of the truth. ● physical, tends to the dominion of low passions, the preservation of one's moral integrity; the creation of material elements through Faith. Applicable Maxim “Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer” Prediction Augurs: Rejuvenation Vitality Dominion of the elements Control of the direction or objective pursued... But maybe also gaining and loss of friends because of family matters Obstacles Jealousy Sorrows Betrayals… In definitive, Amon-Ra (the Most High) gives also the resignation and abnegation to withstand the setbacks Success can be achieved through a daring enterprise Obstacles overcome! Predictive synthesis The Law favors. Don’t fear. It means that if we are endowed with enough faith, we can move forward without fear. The obstacles are more imaginary than real. We will find where our duty is, and with our willpower, we will be able to accomplish it without hesitation. The completion of our duty is the key for success. It is the best persuasion act for the fierce Lion, which guards the Hall of Maat, the Temple of Cosmic Justice. All the Avatars of Horus, Vishnu, the Christ, Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, etc., whatever name be given to the Sacred Hawk of the Mysteries of Sais —the Second Logos, the Platonists would say— insists on the accomplishment of duty as a path to Liberation.

Arcane 12

Carta Tarot 12

Arcana 12: THE HANGED MAN in the act of consummating his sacred mission. A man hangs from a gallows by one foot, supported on the trunks of two trees, whose branches have been chopped down. In the Egyptian tarot, despite his hands are tied, there are pentacles or pieces of gold falling from them. His tied hands —from which the pieces of gold fall— mean that ideas survive for those who sacrifice for them, and will come out victorious later. One of his legs bents and makes an inverted triangle with the other leg; symbolize he dies victim of the evil ones. In almost all Marseille tarots, there are twelve branches chopped down, symbolizing the signs of the zodiac that return regularly year after year. They also symbolize the twelve apostles within us, in our own microcosm. And in fact, it symbolizes the descending into the matter… Or the sacrifice of the Divinity through the twelve zodiacal signs. Symbology The mystery of the “unfolding the wings.” By helping others we unfold the wings of Renunciation. It is related to the Hebrew letter Lamed (ל) (Lámed). Horary: Third Hour of Apollonius. “The Serpents, the Dogs and the Fire.” The Initiate needs to work with the sublime oriental Kundalini practices. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the beginning of the expansive movement; the consummation of voluntary sacrifice; altruism as a creative force, the desire to serve; devotion. It implies sacrifices, sufferings… This is the card of the Apostolate. The Arcana 12 brings many sufferings, many struggles. Nevertheless, has a very nice synthesis because 1 + 2 = 3, which signifies material as well as spiritual productivity. So, it is powerful spiritually and socially. Astrology Taurus, abode of the Moon. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the element by which the superior is sacrificed in order to the inferior evolves, the complacency in the good what is done. ● mental, it represents the law of repression itself, the antagonism of mental creations, circumspection when deciding what is painful in acting. ● physical, tends to the reversal of values, the discomfort of the material objects produced by the predominance of morality. The abnegation as an expansive force. Applicable Maxim “Although the Sun tires you by day and the Moon saddens you at night, do not lose your foothold, nor sleep whilst on guard.” Prediction Augurs: Contrarieties Anguish Falls Sudden position loss Material losses in some living conditions and gains in others Presentiments which encourage, and presentiments which discourage Formerly it meant the possibility of violent death. Be careful, please! Predictive synthesis It promises economic and social struggle. There will be tests and pain. It means that one must sacrifice oneself for others, expecting nothing but ingratitude as a reward. Forgiveness must remain as our most precious gift, since it makes us look more closely to our Divine prototype, to our sacred Divine Spark...

Arcane 13

Carta Tarot 13

Arcana 13: THE DEATH in the act of renewing life. A skeleton armed with a scythe symbolizes the death, who mows human beings, whose heads, feet and hands are constantly born again. Meanwhile a rainbow rises on the horizon… in other tarots, like Egyptian. It is an emblem of soul immortality. Symbology The mystery of primordial waters. It is related to the Hebrew letter Mem (מ). Horary: Fourth Hour of Apollonius: “The neophyte will wander at night amongst the sepulchers, will experience the horror of visions, he will be delivered up to Magic and to Goethia”. This means the disciple will be attacked in the astral world; the tenebrous will try to divert the disciple from his Luminous Path. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of Conception, embodiment and renewal, rebirth, through which elements are transmuted alchemically into others, and man survives on his own works. It is death, but it can also mean something new, total renovation, can be wealth or can be misery, it is a number of great syntheses. Astrology Gemini, abode of Mercury. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the renewal of life by the disintegration of its parts, the liberation of the essence by the transformation of the matter that contains it. ● mental, it represents the action and the reaction, the dissolution that precedes the formation, the inductive that grows the deductive, the inertia as a function of the movement. ● physical, tends to processes that favors lethargy, drowsiness, petrifaction, sleepwalking, what is corrupted, what is destroyed, what perishes to be reborn in a different way. Applicable Maxim “Night has passed and a new day has arrived, so gird yourself with the arms of light.” Prediction Augurs: Deceiving expectations Disappointments Disillusionments Deception in our ambitions Negative in what is requested Death of affects Collapses But also pure delight and pleasure to the Soul Improvements of painful enjoyment The help from friends Renewal of conditions, from good to bad, and from bad to good. The good, deteriorating, the bad, improving This is the Arcana of the destroyer, which always precedes the new constructions It is the invocation of Shiva, the renovator of Prakriti (matter-energy) and our inner nature… Predictive synthesis Transformations. Indicates total change. It means that we must elevate our minds above earthly things; otherwise, the bitterness of our disappointment will shorten our days. However, if Death comes early, we should not feel sorry for that, since we are promised a new and better life, according to our merits.

Arcane 14

Carta Tarot 14

Arcana 14: THE TEMPERANCE or HARMONIOUSNESS in the act of combining the virtues. An angel representing the Divinity is transferring the elemental forces of nature from a golden chalice to a silver chalice. It is a symbol of the great magical agent: the combined electrical and magnetic fluids. It represents the wise mixture of masculine and feminine substances, the keys of the Tree of Life. It is the image of the perpetual fecundation of Nature through Light and Heat, which are also Movement and Life. Symbology The mystery of the Idea and the Word. It is related to the Hebrew letter Nun (נ) (Noon). Horary: Fifth Hour of Apollonius: “The superior waters of heaven.” During this time the disciple learns to be pure and chaste, because he understands the value of purification practices. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of the Divine Androgynous, the primary emanation that is infused and diffused through light and heat. Likewise, the affinity of the opposites, the reversibility of the elements, the mercy in their work of giving things the right proportion. It is chastity, the transmutation of waters in wine. The esoterists must work hard chiseling the stone, without which the transmutation of the creative energies cannot be achieved. Astrology Cancer, abode of Jupiter. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the eternal activity of life, the intimate affinity of the opposing elements, the priesthood as a link between the inner and outer worlds. ● mental, represents the solidarity of emotions, the association of ideas, the reciprocity of affections, the correspondence between vices and virtues. ● physical, tends to regulate the relations of the sexes, the balance of life force, frugality; chastity, which tempers the emotions and counteracts the passions. Applicable Maxim “Do not be like straw before the wind, nor like the wind before the straw.” Prediction Augurs: Friendships Reciprocal affections Devoted loves Afflicted loves But also may be treacherous loves Obligations Chemical combinations and combinations of interests Things which remain, and things which go; the first in order to depart, the second in order to return Great danger can ensue if you avoid a decision at the adequate moment. Predictive synthesis Long life. Stability. There are no changes. It means that we must unite our forces, moral and physical, to break down all obstacles, little by little, like a drop of water crosses the stone. We must be patient.

Arcane 15

Carta Tarot 15

Arcana 15: THE DEVIL in the act of emanating his passionate effluvia. This is the Spirit of Evil, Fatality and Chaos. In some Marseilles tarots, is represented by a devil with a helmet —because he is always at war— with claws by hands and feet, and the characteristics of both man and woman. In the Tarot d'Epinal, a coiled tail —equivalent to the snake of the Egyptian tarot— emerges from his body, to show that he has nothing but evil. His wings, like those of bats, show that he is the Spirit of Darkness. He is seen shaking the torch of destruction, or in other tarots of Marseille, holding the scepter of division and hatred. At his feet are two men with deer or goat horns and chains around their necks, symbolizing those whom vices knock down lower than the beast. In other Marseilles tarots, he sticks out his tongue to indicate his rebellion against the Divine Spirit, which he seems to be insulting. Symbology The mystery of the astral light in circulation. It is related to the Hebrew letter Samech (ס) (Sámeh). Horary: Sixth Hour of Apollonius: “Here it is necessary to stay still, immobile, because of fear.” This means the terrible test of selfishness, the egotism, before which one needs great valor to triumph. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of the individual will; the attractiveness of the mystery; the creator fire; the destiny as an efficient cause. The Arcana 15 represents the passion, supported on luciferic fire. In the Kabalistic synthesis of Arcana 15, we have 1 + 5 = 6, and 6 is symbol of the sex, the fecundity; it is the hexagram, the union of the two triangles, the masculine and the feminine. This means: into sex is the major force which can liberate man, but is also the major force which can enslave him. Astrology Leo abode of Neptune. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the manifestation of the individual will, a dissenting force against the established order; and a principle that urges to unravel the mysteries… ● mental, represents the chain of passions, the strength of desire, the constant controversy in which the mood is agitated and drives us to seek the opposite. ● physical, trends to the processes of generation, intense desires; malice, discord; fear and anger; fire and water, which extinguish it out. Applicable Maxim “They made me ward of the vineyards, and the vineyard which was mine, I have not kept.” Prediction Augurs: Passions Controversies Vehement cravings Fatalities Misfortunes Harmful affections, both to him who feels them and to him who is the object of them. Violent situations Vehement yearnings Prosperity by way of legality and fate… It announces predestination, karmic recurrences; especially about marriage and children Predictive synthesis Advertise hazards. Amorous failure. It means that fate could ruin your future plans, if your passions are not controlled by your willpower.

Arcane 16

Carta Tarot 16

Arcana 16: THE HOUSE OF GOD, THE TOWER or THE DESTROYED TOWER in the act of consummating the plans of Divine Providence. We see here a tower whose pinnacle is thunderstruck destroyed, dropping down two men; one of them with a crown on his head, in other Marseilles tarots. This symbolizes the ruin of human pride and false science, by the sudden —but not less karmic— influx of the astral fluid… Symbology The mystery of severe Surveillance. It is related to the Hebrew letter Ayin (ע) (Áyin). Horary: Seventh Hour of Apollonius: “The fire comforts inanimate beings, and if some Priest, a Man sufficiently purified, steals it and then projects it, if he mixes it with Holy Oil and consecrated, he will be able to cure of all illness simply by applying it to the affected part.” The Initiate sees his material fortune threatened here, and his dealings may fail. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of the inscrutable; the temporal, the perishable as the determining cause of the evolution of beings and things. Arcana 16 is very dangerous. It is necessary to awake conscience, don’t walk blindfold. The blind can fall into the Abyss. Astrology Virgo, abode of Mercury. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the awakening of the understanding by virtue of the affliction that moves the spirit; is the light of the superior becoming sensitive in the lower. ● mental, represents the nullity of material values, the indigence of intellectual achievements, the learning of pride. ● physical, it tends to the afflictive processes, the rigor, the severity, which in some way awakens the latent powers and vanishes the reveries of temporal values. Applicable Maxim “Light at dawn, light at midday, light at dusk: It is light; that is what matters.” Prediction Augurs: Unforeseen accidents Deaths Needs Storms Commotions There may also be benefits deriving from good and bad circumstances Reciprocity in love and in hatred, in indifference and in jealousy, in betrayal and in loyalty, etc. Possible ruin and fall of position Loss of the expected future Possible catastrophe. Be careful, please! Predictive synthesis Punishment. Terrible fall. Avoid this date. It means that you may go straight to your ruin, because of your exaggerated pride, your foolish adventures, or your voluntary or intentional mistakes.

Arcane 17

Carta Tarot 17

Arcana 17: THE STAR in the act of transmuting the primordial elements. We see a naked young maiden with one foot on the sea and another foot on the ground. In this tarot, the foot is near by the river. It represents the Truth and holds two holy vases from which flows Goodness and Charity, the blessed balm that relieves human suffering. The sea —or river— represents the bitterness of the days of pain. Above the young maiden shines an eight-pointed star, a double symbol of the Universe and the divine Trinity. According to Egyptian tarot, in its center is a white pyramid joined by the base to another inverted black pyramid. This is the emblem of the great Hermetic Law: “What is above is like what is below.” In the Tarot d'Epinal, the double yellow-red coloration of the central star, or the isolated red star, represent the symbolic double pyramid of the Egyptian tarot. The seven smaller stars represent the seven planets of ancient astrology. If we carefully study the esoteric content of this Arcane, we discover a perfect alchemy meaning. It invites you to work with gold and silver, with the Sun and the Moon, the masculine and the feminine, to embody the eight-pointed star. In the Egyptian tarot, next to the young maiden there is a bush with three flowers and, above the top one, a butterfly —symbol of the soul— opens her wings. In other Marseilles tarots we see two flowers, and on top of one of them a bird, instead that butterfly. Symbology The mystery of the cosmogonic breath (Ruach Elohim). It is related to the Hebrew letter Peh (פ) (Pé). Horary: Eighth Hour of Apollonius: “The astral virtues of the elements, of the seeds of every kind.” The Initiate must refine the Mercury. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of the Word —Verbus— in the facts; the immortality of existence; the creative force of Faith… and Hope, her sister. The eight-pointed star always represents Venus, the Morning Star. In Arcana 17 we find the “initiation in the mysteries of Venus”, the initiation of Love... The sublime oriental Tantrism. Astrology Libra, abode of Saturn. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is abnegation as a source of life, is faith as an acting element; is the primary intelligence expressing itself through secondary education. ● mental, represents the illumination of knowledge through the evidence of the tests, the exams of the real teacher that is Life… It is the light of past experiences; the cause linked to its effect… ● physical, tends to the processes that fuel optimism, expectations, genius, charity and everything that strengthens the mind, even if it brings deprivation. Applicable Maxim “Some men beg for signs so as to fall, others beg for wisdom so as to act, but the hopeful heart has all in its hopes.” Prediction Augurs: Intuition Illumination Births Sustenance Annoyances and reconciliations Brief afflictions and brief satisfactions Deprivation Abandonments And also gains... This is the Arcana of Hope, and it is favorable or not, according to other indications (nature of the question, neighboring or related cards, etc.) Predictive synthesis It means hope and expectation. It also means that if you free yourself from your low passions and innate errors, and you study firmly the mysteries of true Science, you will receive the key to the Mysteries of Life.

Arcane 18

Carta Tarot 18

Arcana 18: THE MOON in the act of manifesting the magical power of the contrasting light. Two castles are on the edge of a river (or bridge). In front of them a wolf and a dog (or two dogs) howls at the moon. We see a lobster in the waters, which replaces the scorpion of the Egyptian tarot. Each castle —clear one, dark another— are the symbol of true Science and Error. The two dogs represent good and evil, and the scorpion is emblem of perversity, the worst characteristic of vice. Symbology The mystery of the holly serpent power (John 3:14). It is related to the Hebrew letter Tzade (צ) (Tzádi). Horary: Ninth Hour of Apollonius. “Here nothing has yet finished.” The Initiate augments his perception to even exceed the limits of the solar system. The Divine Light is revealed, and with it new fears and dangers emerge. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of the magnetism force; the clamor that inquires; the emanation that fascinates; the power of enchantment. The 18 is negative, nefarious: the secret enemies of the twilight Arcana. In Arcana 18 we find the dangers of Initiation, the hidden and secret enemies who set out to disrupt the Initiation In the terrible Arcana 18 we find the witchcraft of Thessaly, the kitchen of Canidia and the erotic black magic ceremonies; rites to make one fall in love, dangerous filters and potions, etc. Astrology Scorpio, abode of Uranus. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the infinite abyss in which the creation moves freely. The mysterious power by which things have their being… ● mental, represents the force of denial as evidence of the affirmation, the negative as an exponent of the positive. ● physical, tends to processes linked to the manifestation of hidden powers; the action of subtle forces; which requires deliberation but without reaching the solution. Applicable Maxim “May the granary of your charity be inexhaustible, and your patience not less inexhaustible than your charity.” Prediction Augurs: Hidden dangers Traps False security Ambushes Confusion Changes Instability Inconstancy Uncertain situations Long deliberations Unexpected impediments Apparent triumphs and failures Belated results The very opposite lovers. Predictive synthesis Hidden enemies may jump at any time. Diseases. Not good for business. It means they are conspiring against you, and only you ignore the real situation. Enemies of the worst kind may be conspiring against you, often hiding their betrayal under the guise of adulation and flattery.

Arcane 19

Carta Tarot 19

Arcana 19: THE SUN in the act of spreading its blessed emanations. Under a radiant sun, a young man and a young maiden take each other's hands in a circle of flowers. The Arcana symbolize love, which brings Happiness. It is the key to the Philosopher's Stone. Symbology The mystery of the knotted cord. It is related to the Hebrew letter Kaf (ק). Horary: Tenth Hour of Apollonius: “The doors of heaven open and man comes out of his lethargy.” This is the wisdom of John the Baptist: The decapitation of egoism. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of creative fire; the nourishment of nature; the succession of facts; and the mysterious force that is clamor, pain and glory simultaneously. Arcane 19 is the arcane of Victory, is the successes. That victory is related to all aspects of life, economically, socially, politically, morally, etc. Astrology Sagittarius, abode of Pluto. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the divine light, the principle of all knowledge, the fundamental Truth from which all truths emerge. ● mental, represents the intelligence which formulates the knowledge; the source that feeds; the sources in whose the images are reflected. ● physical, tends to the processes which facilitate the union of the male and female elements; the materialization of ideas into facts. Applicable Maxim “Take the shield of your faith and advance with decisive step; be it with favorable wind or against all winds”. Prediction Augurs: Victory Success in the endeavors Joy in the acts which are performed Augmentation in power High honors Fame Benefits through one’s own efforts or with the help of other persons Inheritances Great wealth Brilliant deals Clarity concerning what is desired Fire which consumes that which is desired Predictive synthesis Successes. Good luck. It means that you will be happy and no one will take away your happiness, if you keep it up within the confines of home and the sanctuary of your heart.

Arcane 20

Carta Tarot 20

Arcana 20: THE JUDGMENT in the act of spiritual awakening. An angel plays a trumpet on top of three sarcophagi, from which emerges a family of father, mother and son. Not only symbolizes the Final Judgment of the Dead, but also the awakening of the souls that have been put to sleep by new karmas. Symbology The mystery of the autonomy of each living being. It is related to the Hebrew letter Resh (ר). Horary: Eleventh Hour of Apollonius: “The angels, the cherubim and the seraphim fly with the murmur of their wings, there is rejoicing in heaven, the earth and the sun, which springs from Adam awaken.” This process belongs to the great initiations of Major Mysteries where only the terror of the Law reigns. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of the intellect; the deliberation, opinion, decision; life as a succession of forms, and acts as a succession of ideas. It is the resurrection of the dead. The resurrection of the soul is only possible through the Cosmic Initiation… This is the path to incarnate the kabalistic Shekhinah… Many human beings are spiritually dead, and can only resuscitate by means of Initiation, the hidden wisdom mentioned by the great apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 2:7). That's why Jesus said “Let the dead bury the dead.” Astrology Capricorn, abode of Mars. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the interior illumination, the awakening of the latent forces; the inspiration develops the facts. ● mental, represents the revelation of genius, the stimulus to higher things, the conversion of the lower into the higher. ● physical, tends to the process which establish harmonious correspondence between the subconscious and the conscience, between the moral and the material, between what we feel, think and act. Applicable Maxim “Flower in the apple tree, fruit on the vineyard, sown in maturity.” Prediction Augurs: Fortunate initiatives Works Earnings Harmonious choices Compensations for the good and the bad Faithful friends who annul the action of treacherous friends It also predicts jealousy, just for the sake of enjoying it In contrast, may be also afflictions due to losses, delays or obstacles Predictive synthesis Successes. Good luck. Promises total victory, either by own efforts, or with the help of another people. It means that you should not allow yourself to sink into depression, laziness or forgetfulness, since you have a mission to fulfill, and Providence is ready to reveal it as soon as you demonstrate you are willing to accept the message.

Arcane 21

Carta Tarot 21

Arcana 21: THE WORLD in the act of transmuting its elements. We see a crown made of laurels —or flowers— and a young maiden in the center, which walks triumphantly. In each of the four angles is a head, of man, eagle and bull, and two lambs in the Tarot d'Epinal, instead of a lion as in other tarots. They symbolize the four winds or breaths of the Spirit, and the four elements of Nature. In the top center is the primitive “Lingam” (Phalus) joint with the feminine “Yoni”, disguised under the cross of Saint Andrew (X) of the knot. This is the supreme Arcane of the universal generation of the whole three worlds, of the Absolute in the infinite, and the conjunction of the sexes. The crown itself is the emblem of the magic chain that unites all beings, all things and all ideas. The young maiden in the crown represents the Religion. She carries a scepter in her hands —and a bell in other Marseilles tarots— symbol of the self-conquest of the triple harmony in man: Soul, Mind and Body. Symbology The mystery of what moves the changes. It is related to the Hebrew letter Shin (ש). Horary: Twelfth Hour of Apollonius: “The Towers of Fire Disturb.” This is the triumphant entry of the Master into the limitless joy of Nirvana, or on the other hand the renunciation of the joy of Nirvana for love of humanity; and he becomes a Bodhisattwa of Compassion, like the Buddha Shakyamuni. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of the Word in its triple function of creator, renovator and conservator power. This is the cosmogonic Matrix in birth labor. This is the cosmogonic Matrix in birth labor. The faculty by which it is possible to be bull, lion, eagle and man. It is the crown of Life, the return to Light, and the incarnation of the Truth in us. Astrology Aquarius, abode of Neptune. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the immortality of the soul, the evolution of ideas, the power to manifest life in infinite forms. ● mental, represents the principle of supreme Knowledge as the origin of all knowledge: Bliss. ● physical, it tends to the processes that favor the stimulus, the right inspirations, the remunerative work, the generous rewards, the acts that propend towards improvement. Applicable Maxim “The sun rises and the sun sets and it returns once again to the place where it will be reborn.” Prediction Augurs: Long life... Also inheritances Victories and distinctions Friends who keep vigil for us Enjoyment of honest pleasures… There may be rivals who challenge affections There may be obstacles, but also the aptitude to overcome them Uncertain situations, and contingencies that clarify them High position according to the natural environment Predictive synthesis Triumph. Everything is going nicely. Means power, force. Good luck. It means that you can reach the greatest and height, which the man can aspire. It promises you that your most ambitious desires will be completed and your final success will only be limited by your own desires.

Arcane 22

Carta Tarot 22

Arcana 22: THE MADMAN or THE FOOL in the act of returning, reversing. We see a vagabond dressed as a jester, with a bag on his shoulder and a cane in his hand. He is walking aimlessly, and from behind an animal bites him —wolf, lynx or dog, depending on the Marseille tarot. This image, which has often been called the Atheist or the Fool or the Madman, is truly the image of the madman who does not see the divine light and carries the weight of his errors and failures. His cane cannot guide him, and he walks driven by the fatality towards his ruin, symbolized by the animal which attacks. In the Egyptian tarot, the sun is partially overshadowed by a dark shadow, the symbol of doubt which destroys Faith. Symbology The mystery of the Law which includes all laws. It is related to the Hebrew letter Tav (ת). Horary: There exists the Thirteenth Hour which is that of Liberation. Interpretation According to ancient traditions, it represents the principle of the light that vivifies; the living heat. Also the transmigration of the soul —as the Platonists said— through infinite experiences. And the knowledge, as an exponent of all realities: Black and White and all their mixtures. It can be represented with the pentagonal star inverted, which represents black magic. This is the failure, the foolishness, the madman of tarot. The danger is indicated with precision in the Arcana by the biting animal. Astrology Pisces, abode of Venus. Spheres of manifestation ● spiritual, it is the inscrutability of the divine laws; the mystery of the reason of things; the transcendent motive which every act is accompanied. ● mental, represents the principle of credulity as a synthesis of ignorance, audacity as a cause of error, recklessness as an element of danger. ● physical, trends to processes that favors imprudence, extravagance, delirium, conceit, the debauchery of passions in search of gratification. Applicable Maxim “My soul does not enter his secret, nor my ship his harbor.” Prediction Augurs: Privation of something which one en joys Blurring of reason upon trying to attain that which one wants It can announce ruin in that, in which one has most vanity Announces danger of isolation, treacherous gifts, deceitful promises It is the end of some things and the beginning of others Foolish suppositions The success followed by failure Ambushes Traps Predictive synthesis Total demoralization for evil. The antithesis. These are the enemies of Hiram Abiff —the architect of Solomon’s Temple— which symbolize the Internal Master, our Divine Spark. It means that a series of misfortunes are threatening you, and your only hope just may come from Heaven, to which your prayers must constantly rise…